John Adams Elementary School PTA Officers

President:  Toni Holmes -

Toni Holmes was born and raised in Florida, but has lived in the Arlington/Alexandria area for the last eight years. She has a daughter going into second grade in the dual language program

President Elect:  Bryan Powell -

Bryan Powell is a ten-year resident of Alexandria and serves as President_Elect after previously serving as Treasure.  This is his third year on the PTA board and fourth as a PTA member.  He is the proud father of a Third Grader and future (in three years) Kindergartner.

Vice President:  Annwyn Mines

Secretary:  Emily Godfrey -

Emily Godfrey serves as Secretary of the PTA.  This is her second year on the PTA board and third year as a member of the PTA.  Emily is excited for her new position as a Librarian at John Adams ES and is a proud parent of a second grader in the dual language program.  

Treasurer:  Robert Holmes -

Robert Holmes is a 10-year resident of Arlington/Alexandria, after moving from Florida.  This is his third year as a PTA member, and has a daughter in second grade in the dual-language program.